contoh kalimat dengan kata “believe”

believe sentence examples

  • Believe that everyone you know has been affected by the second world war?
  • Believe that the british government is capable of such infamy may be tempted to vent their anger on the messenger.
  • He is also a proud man who firmly believes he can engineer happiness for his family by sheltering them from his own emotions.
  • Believe that has now been achieved.
  • Whether or not you believe in an after life, why might people want tobelieve in resurrection?
  • Believed to have been a keen player.
  • Believee had enough of people believing everything i say is a lie.
  • Believe the hype about this unremarkable film about a remarkable story.
  • Believe that no person has the right to end life.
  • It is possible to forget even things you strongly believe in.
  • Believe what i’ll do to make my upcoming book a best seller.
  • However, i can’t believe in an intelligent designer or creator, so i’ll have tobelieve in evolution.
  • Believe anything sung ” musically ” , will almost always encourage a ” head tone ” , quite naturally.
  • Duty faith tries to lay on men an obligation to believe when they cannot, and a warrant to believe when they cannot, and a warrant to believe what they know not.
  • Believe in freedom of speech and contract, and oppose the race laws because they abridge this freedom?
  • Believe, anyone who wished to attend could do so.
  • Believes in the importance of working with our customers so that they can obtain the performance that is expected from the b.u.t. turkey.
  • Believe that truth is stranger than fiction?
  • Believe in an objective devil – a real supernatural being with mind and purpose!
  • Believe in good faith that the law requires it.



contoh kalimat dengan kata “requirement”

requirement sentence examples

  • Requirements of entry: students should achieve a minimum of a ‘ d ‘ grade in all four level 2 business & management courses.
  • To get a credit card merchant account your company has to meet certain minimum requirements with the credit card company.
  • The service is designed to comply with legal requirements covering the disposal of such waste.
  • Requirements specifications can and do cause accidents.
  • What are the gcse entry requirements for the course?
  • Between them, the two engine sizes satisfy all possible requirements.
  • To get a credit card merchant account your company has to meet certain minimum requirements with the credit card company.
  • For alternative qualifications, see further information about entrancerequirements.
  • In particular, bbsrc would welcome proposals for projects that fulfill therequirements of the council’s industrial partnership award ( ipa ) scheme.
  • The csci can make statutory requirements, which the home must meet in order to retain its registration for care.
  • Eligibility requirements only monographs dealing mainly with canada written in a language other than french or english are eligible.
  • Different applications impose very different requirements on the virtual city.
  • There are no specific requirements for drilling rate etc for the seed we will be sent.
  • Both portals have galleries above the tunnel made from the modern safetyrequirements for escape routes.
  • The seminar will explain how architecture assessment can be used to find out how well an architecture fulfills the requirements.
  • Often an overseas company’s accounts prepared for its home jurisdiction are sufficiently similar to satisfy the uk regulatory requirements.
  • Top of page disclosure requirements capital commitments are to be disclosed in the notes to the accounts.
  • A wire run can be fitted onto the end and the layout altered to suit customer`s requirements.
  • Evening meals, packed lunches, special dietary requirements all catered for by arrangement.
  • It is a good option for a company because of its simple reportingrequirements.




Simple Present tense

She lives in a small house in front of my house

Mr. Tatang sometimes teaches English in the afternoon

He usually wears a black tie

Ronaldo often ask me to Play Football Every Sunday

–          Luna Maya always eats a rice for Lunch

–          All dogs have one mouth

         A Lazy Man usually gets up at Nine in the morning

          Ricardo goes to beach on Sunday

      Key and Peter always go fishing every week

I go to the office by motorcycle
I work at the office
I love you

I read news paper 2 hours ago

I cook Rice in the kitchen

I always come to campus on Saturday and Sunday

Bagaimana sih anak yang cerdas itu ?

Bagaimana sih anak cerdas itu?

Sering kita mengatakan, kalau anak cerdas adalah anak yang selalu mendapatkan ranking  dan angka yang tinggi di sekolahnya

(apakah nilai akademis yg tinggi sudah dapat mewakili bahwa anak tersebut dpt dikatakan anak cerdas?)


Ternyata, anak cerdas tidak hanya anak yang cerdas di bangku sekolah, tetapi cerdas dan kreatif juga dalam mengaplikasikan pengetahuan yang dimilikinya, mampu mengekspresikan ide-idenya, kemampuannya, khayalannya dan keinginan-keinginannya ke dalam dunianyata.

Anak cerdas selalu memiliki rasa ingin tahu yang tinggi. Mereka suka bereksperimen dan bereksplorasi. Mereka umumnya sering melakukan hal-hal yang aneh yang seringkali membuat orangtua, guru dan orang-orang dewasa disekelilingnya merasa jengkel dan terganggu.


Pada dasarnya, kecerdasan seorang anak tidak hanya dipengaruhi oleh IQ yang tinggi, tetapi lebih banyak dipengaruhi oleh keterampilan-keterampilan EQ.

EQ dapat berkembang dengan baik bila lingkungan memberi dorongan dan kesempatan seluas-luasnya pada anak untuk mengembangkan kemampuan yang dimiliki (selama ini banyak orangtua yang lupa untuk membantu mengembangkan kemampuan dr EQ ini, karena pada dasarkan pada saat awal-awal perkembangan EQ, sifat dan sikap anak dirasakan lingkungan sangat mengganggu dengan rasa “ingin tahunya” yang tinggi, pertanyaan-pertanyaannya dan daya kritisnya yang sering membuat
lingkungan kewalahan untuk menjawabnya

Belajar Bahasa Inggris di Tangerang?


kiddy english club


Sebuah tempat anak-anak belajar Bahasa Inggris dengan cepat, mudah dan menyenangkan !

Karena Metoda yang kami gunakan adalah belajar sambil bermain….

Sebuah cara yang dapat merangsang anak untuk lebih kreatif dan mandiri..

Sebuah cara dimana proses belajar adalah bertujuan menguatkan akar dan dasar pola pikir secara alami

Sebuah cara yang menggembirakan mereka !


dirancang sedemikian rupa sehingga menyenangkan anak. Kegembiraan dan kebebasan bereksplorasi menjadi alat utama untuk mendidik anak.