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Are you a good English reader, but not a GREAT English speaker?
Do you feel that textbook English is not teaching you the REAL English you need?
Is it difficult for you to understand real conversations?
Do you need English for job interviews, better jobs, international travel and to make international friends?
Have you already improved your English, and now you are ready to go to a whole new level?

In other words, do you actually need to USE real English in real conversations?


In school you learned textbook English for tests. Now, however, you need real English for real conversations. You need to actually speak English quickly, powerfully, and correctly.

Now that you know who we are and how we created our lessons, you need to know how you will learn from them.

What you will learn:

A Huge Number Of Common Idioms– The slang you can’t find in a dictionary or textbook.

How To Automatically Speak Like A Native Speaker– Without thinking or translating.

How To Use Our Deep Learning Method – You naturally learn English words and grammar so you can be confident about your speaking.

How To Understand Real English Conversations – You listen to REAL conversations between real people. No actors. We teach you the real, casual conversation that native English speakers use everyday with each other. This is not formal English. This is the real English that real people use.

How To Learn Grammar And Vocabulary Without Memorizing – Throughout all the lessons you will learn grammar and vocabulary just like children do – naturally and without memorizing. When you learned your native language as a child, you did not memorize grammar rules or vocabulary… and you still learned to speak well!!

How to Improve Your Listening Comprehension – The new TOEFL requires a lot of both listening and speaking skills. Our Real English Conversation lessons focus on listening. Listening is the most important part of our powerful system.

How To Study Like the Best – We show you how our best students have learned and studied so that you can copy those habits to create your success even faster.

How To Enjoy Learning English – We want you to learn to speak English, but we also want you to have fun and enjoy the experience. Learning English does not have to be boring.

How to Meet Others Just Like You – We also show you how to meet and speak with other English learners just like you.

The Lessons

Our Real English Conversations lesson package contains lessons for more than 6 months. There are 30 lesson sets with over 35 hours of lessons. And after you complete your purchase, these lessons are yours to keep for life.

Each lesson set features:

Audio Vocabulary Lessons The best way to learn vocabulary is by listening to it. Audio lessons are more effective than reading vocabulary lessons. No more lists to memorize.

Listen & Answer Mini Stories These are absolutely amazing lessons. They are powerful! By listening to mini-stories everyday, you will hear real English spoken and used naturally. And with this new type of lesson, you learn to speak and understand English more easily and more quickly.

Real English Conversations Forget the same old boring lessons. These are REAL conversations by real native speakers. No actors. No reading. Real topics. Real slang and idioms. Real pronunciation. These are the key to your speaking. These are the key to understanding real native speakers.


contoh kalimat dengan kata “believe”

believe sentence examples

  • Believe that everyone you know has been affected by the second world war?
  • Believe that the british government is capable of such infamy may be tempted to vent their anger on the messenger.
  • He is also a proud man who firmly believes he can engineer happiness for his family by sheltering them from his own emotions.
  • Believe that has now been achieved.
  • Whether or not you believe in an after life, why might people want tobelieve in resurrection?
  • Believed to have been a keen player.
  • Believee had enough of people believing everything i say is a lie.
  • Believe the hype about this unremarkable film about a remarkable story.
  • Believe that no person has the right to end life.
  • It is possible to forget even things you strongly believe in.
  • Believe what i’ll do to make my upcoming book a best seller.
  • However, i can’t believe in an intelligent designer or creator, so i’ll have tobelieve in evolution.
  • Believe anything sung ” musically ” , will almost always encourage a ” head tone ” , quite naturally.
  • Duty faith tries to lay on men an obligation to believe when they cannot, and a warrant to believe when they cannot, and a warrant to believe what they know not.
  • Believe in freedom of speech and contract, and oppose the race laws because they abridge this freedom?
  • Believe, anyone who wished to attend could do so.
  • Believes in the importance of working with our customers so that they can obtain the performance that is expected from the b.u.t. turkey.
  • Believe that truth is stranger than fiction?
  • Believe in an objective devil – a real supernatural being with mind and purpose!
  • Believe in good faith that the law requires it.


contoh kalimat dengan kata “fulfill”

fulfill sentence examples

  • Fulfill a deathbed promise to her husband: to return them all to scotland.
  • By them he fulfills most of the promises, but he is still fulfills most of the promises, but he is still fulfilling others.
  • Fulfill in order to be granted a permit.
  • Fulfilled the ancient prophecies of merlin!
  • Lambert simnel in ireland and crowned king these anticipations were amplyfulfilled.
  • Fulfilled when they accept each other.
  • Fulfilled in the future at his second coming.
  • Fulfilling these obligations.
  • Fulfilling conditions such as prerequisites.
  • Contrary to the stereotype, using the internet can be productive and spiritually fulfilling.
  • Fulfilling what ‘s a very different role.
  • Fulfilling of the law, he says in romans 13.
  • Fulfill dreams cruise.
  • It also helps individuals gain the skills they need to be employable and personally fulfilled.
  • Fulfilled where students are resident mainly for the purpose of receiving full-time education.
  • Fulfilling a lifelong ambition.
  • Thereby fulfilling the great aim of every literary genius.
  • United in the land, the promise to abram in genesis 15: 18, will be literallyfulfilled.
  • Fulfilling these criteria was liable to be removed to their original parish.
  • Instruction in this discipline has for decades been based on a few classic textbooks which until now have adequately fulfilled their purpose.




contoh kalimat dengan kata “requirement”

requirement sentence examples

  • Requirements of entry: students should achieve a minimum of a ‘ d ‘ grade in all four level 2 business & management courses.
  • To get a credit card merchant account your company has to meet certain minimum requirements with the credit card company.
  • The service is designed to comply with legal requirements covering the disposal of such waste.
  • Requirements specifications can and do cause accidents.
  • What are the gcse entry requirements for the course?
  • Between them, the two engine sizes satisfy all possible requirements.
  • To get a credit card merchant account your company has to meet certain minimum requirements with the credit card company.
  • For alternative qualifications, see further information about entrancerequirements.
  • In particular, bbsrc would welcome proposals for projects that fulfill therequirements of the council’s industrial partnership award ( ipa ) scheme.
  • The csci can make statutory requirements, which the home must meet in order to retain its registration for care.
  • Eligibility requirements only monographs dealing mainly with canada written in a language other than french or english are eligible.
  • Different applications impose very different requirements on the virtual city.
  • There are no specific requirements for drilling rate etc for the seed we will be sent.
  • Both portals have galleries above the tunnel made from the modern safetyrequirements for escape routes.
  • The seminar will explain how architecture assessment can be used to find out how well an architecture fulfills the requirements.
  • Often an overseas company’s accounts prepared for its home jurisdiction are sufficiently similar to satisfy the uk regulatory requirements.
  • Top of page disclosure requirements capital commitments are to be disclosed in the notes to the accounts.
  • A wire run can be fitted onto the end and the layout altered to suit customer`s requirements.
  • Evening meals, packed lunches, special dietary requirements all catered for by arrangement.
  • It is a good option for a company because of its simple reportingrequirements.




contoh kalimat dengan kata “purpose”

purpose sentence examples

  • Purpose of these regulations is to improve staff health and safety.
  • I am sure these gates served that purpose well.
  • It should not interfere with the use of the premises for the stated charitablepurpose.
  • A corporation is a separate entity for tax purposes.
  • Purpose of this article is to clarify the scope, rather than discuss the detailed provisions of section 798.
  • Purpose built quad bike tracks.
  • The sole purpose of the company is to deliver a level of service which is beyond reproach.
  • We will not use your sensitive personal data for marketing purposes.
  • Purposes originally intended by parliament.
  • You may not reproduce any material on a web site, whether for personal, educational, commercial or non-commercial purposes, without permission.
  • You may freely redistribute this chapter in its entirety for noncommercialpurposes.
  • The article explained the purpose of the exercise as being that some moslems reject the modern, secular society… offensive danish cartoons?
  • The trend in the european union is not to allow exceptions for copying for a commercial purpose.
  • It is a multi purpose facility that includes a sports hall, fitness suite, public library and an it suite.
  • Dt1 06-08-2004, 01:42 doesn’t having those extra fans defeat the purposeof having a quiet psu?
  • Where re-use for educational purposes has been ruled out, every effort should be made to find a new use.
  • The value of any assets under a gwr would remain part of your estate for ihtpurposes.
  • Purposes prohibited without prior written permission from the copyright holder.
  • Acas will give you the option to opt-in to receive acas e-mails or mailings for marketing or informational purposes.
  • Stuart continues: ‘we also agreed that dna profiling for identificationpurposes should be included on registration documents.




Daily Activities

go to work : pergi bekerja
drive to work : mengendarai (mobil) ke tempat kerja
check one’s email : memeriksa email (surat elektronik)
reply : menjawab
take a taxi : naik taksi
take a train : naik kereta api
lunch meeting : pertemuan di siang hari
take the bus : naik bis
work on the computer : “komputeran”
morning tea : waktu istirahat pagi (untuk sekedar minum kopi.)
have lunch : makan siang
afternoon tea : waktu istirahat sore
file one’s paper : menyimpan arsip
organize one’s files : menata arsip-arsip
make telephone calls : menelepon
organize a meeting : mengatur pertemuan
report to one’s boss : melaporkan pada pimpinan
write a document : menulis dokumen

Question Response

1. Bill: Your room looks  dirty. How about if I help you clean it up?                                    

     Helen   : That’s very kind of you.

2.  Jessican : Would you prefer to get a job or continue studying?
        Bill            : I prefer working if possible.

3.  Anna  : Can you tell me where South street is, please?
       David : Yes,it is about five minutes walk in that direction.

4.  Robert     : Would you like to come over for dinner tonight?
       Marry      : I’d love to, thanks.

5.  Daniel      : Why don’t you take a public speaking  class?
       Lucy         : That’s a good idea.

6.   Man         : I think English is interesting, isn’t it?
       Woman : Yes, i really like it.

7.  Justin       : What time does this electronic store open?
      Sherly       : As far as I know it opens at 5 p.m.

 8.  Roberto       : I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience.
       Agnes             : It’s  okay. Sometimes this thing happened.

 9.    Man       : Hello mother. How’s everything?
        Woman  : Not so bad.

10. Patrick:I don’t think you have met him before.Lisa,this is Mr.Edi                          Lisa: I am happy to meet you.

11.      Man       : Good by. See you soon!
            Woman  : See you later.

12.      Man       : It’s okay. I’ll call the taxi.

Question 1

You will hear:

Who picks up the mail from our desks?

(A) Emily typically does it.

(B) Put the letters away.

(C) Yes, I will.

This copy machine is very easy to use, isn’t it?

(A) No, I’ll just sit right here.

(B) Yes, I need a pencil.

(C) Yes, it’s uncomplicated.

Where is the nearest restaurant?

(A) I’m going to lunch with Bill.

(B) It’s just down the street.

(C) My car is outside.

Is Jack staying late at work?

(A) Yes, he is delayed.

(B) Yes, he is going home.

(C) Yes, I will stay if necessary

Have the new desks arrived?

(A) No, I already have a coat.

(B) No, they’re coming tomorrow.

(C) Yes, the conference is Wednesday.

Who put this paper on my desk?

(A) I am not sure.

(B) Yes, she is coming with us.

(C) Elizabeth is the new intern.

Will you please file these for me?

(A) It’s next to the fax machine.

(B) Yes, I will.

(C) No, James left already.

Is the office closed tomorrow?

(A) Yes, no one will be here.

(B) Yes, I am ready to leave.

(C) No, the meeting is for managers only.

The conference room is this way, isn’t it?

(A) It’s actually in the next room.

(B) Yes, she wants to meet you.

(C) No, the computer isn’t working.

1. Will he came tomorrow ?                  8. Have you had your haircut ?
2. Is that the president over there?  9. Did you understand what he said?
3. What was your sister ?                     10. Shall we go now ?
4. Are you ready ?                                   11. Do you come from Japan ?
5. Can you speak French ?                    12. Do you like playing Chess ?
6. Are you fine ?                                       13. Have you been to Bali ?

7. Are you married ?                              14. Is he your brother ?

    • Did you go to the party?
    • How many people came?
    • How was the party?did you go to the party?
    • How many people come?
    • How is the party?


      1. Have you finished doing your homework?
      2. Will you go to watch a movie with me tonight?
      3. Is she pretty?
      4. Does he always go to school on foot?
      5. Did you visit your parents during holiday?


        Isn’t the earth that travels around the sun? (Bukankah bumi yang mengitari matahari?). Di sini si penanya ingin memastikan bahwa bumilah yang mengitari bumi dan bukan sebaliknya.

        Aren’t you making spaghetti? (Bukankah kamu sedang masak spaghetti?)

        Didn’t you fail this course last semester? (Bukankah kamu tidak lulus mata kuliah ini semester lalu?)

        Wasn’t he playing chess with you when I went to his house last night?

        Hasn’t she seen the Ayat-Ayat Cinta? (Bukankah dia sudah nonton film Ayat-Ayat Cinta.

        Aren’t they going to see a movie tonight?