Contoh kalimat Bahasa Inggris



Because she could not sit still, my little cousin began to annoy me.

Every time my sister tries to sing, all she does is annoy me with her high-pitched wailing.

Loud television commercials annoy everyone, but clueless advertisers still use them.

  • Annoys the hell out of me.
  • I had gone to work with a slight chill and by the end of the day had a mildlyannoying sore throat.
  • Annoying after a while.
  • Annoyed when we are unfairly targeted by the media to make us sound worse than we actually are.
  • Annoying to hear of people who regard a court-martial as a punishment in itself.
  • Annoying buzzing static you find on other monitors.
  • Annoying by the fact it didn’t need to be a disappointment.
  • Annoying habit bring you a disease?
  • It is intensely annoying to be told that the objects lying there in front of you are regrettably unavailable.
  • Annoyed to find everything in order at glastonbury, and no grounds for calumny.
  • Annoying popups.
  • It was incredibly annoying, but i’m lazy, so i lived with it.
  • Annoyed to see her step-mother picking on her father.
  • Annoying software quirks should be sorted out.
  • Some of the new snazzy features i did indeed find to be snazzy, but a lot of the defaults are just downright annoying.
  • Annoyed to say the least, and asked me to ask around to see who else had missing bibliographies.
  • Annoying buggies found in the previous version.
  • Within the show’s editing process, jo had gone from being slightlyannoying to quite sympathetic.
  • Annoying distraction from the main plot, or a welcome second layer?
  • It kept conking out whenever they tried to import any mp3s, and was understandably annoying.Olivier Martinez has revealed girlfriend Kylie Minogue has a fishy habit he finds annoying.Airport security lines can annoy passengers, but there is no evidence that they make flying any safer, US researchers reported on Thursday.Anwell is expected to take care of his brother so he won’t annoy his mother who in turn won’t annoyhis father.?As an editor and a reader it used to annoy me that the fallback for newspapers often used to be that back.The things that really annoyed me still annoy me.No matter how much his bizarre mannerisms annoy her, they offer a neat means to an end: he regularly closes complicated cases.(Sporting Life counters that we knew Graf was a St Bede’s old boy, we just left him out to annoy him).


    • Attached which has full details of each program.
    • Many underestimate their need for help, and feel there is a stigmaattached to asking.
    • Attached at annex a.
    • Attached as an appendix to the minutes.
    • Attached securely to your vehicle using the metal mounting bars and / or cable ties.
    • Attach enormous symbolic importance to the act of voting.
    • Attached at appendix 2 ).
    • Attached as an annex to the minutes of the meeting.
    • The whole tail assembly is permanentlyattached to the fuselage.
    • Attach string to each peg, running it across to the peg directly opposite, to create a string grid of squares.
    • Attached at the rear, or separate.
    • Attached as annexes.
    • Attached hereto must be read in conjunction with any disclosure which forms part of it.
    • Attached a single rope to double rope with knot some 4 ft below postion.
    • Attached at right angles across the runners.
    • The female louse lays around 6 eggs a day, firmlyattached to the hair shaft close to the scalp.
    • Attach a label.
    • The baby emotionally attaches itself to an adult as a response to the self-pity.
    • Attach a condition specifying end use to which the stone is to be put.
    • Attached directly to the control points rather than the surface itself.
    • Microsurgeons worked for six hours to identify blood vessels, attach the hand with wires, then join up arteries, veins.

    During vintage, I attach a thing called a bin-tipper to my forklift.

    Please complete and attach an ?Authorised Agent Form?.

    We are always looking for ways to call them weak, and we attach things to them we do not attach to men who do the same things.

    Attach your photos, videos and commentary.



    • There is also a bathroom with bath, shower attachment, toilet & basin.
    • You know sentimental attachment to children will never make you do anything.
    • Attachment locants.
    • He closely monitors web statistics and therefore can guarantee you success please do not send .zip attachments: they are blocked through our servers.
    • Attachment of earnings – we can order your employer to recover the amount direct from your wages/salary and pay it direct to us.
    • Attachments from senders that they do not know or addresses they are unfamiliar with.
    • On some forums deleting attachments may be limited to certain users or groups.
    • How can any governor have an emotional attachment to five schools?
    • Closing date for applications, which may be sent by post, emailattachment or fax, is 20 june 2003.
    • Attachment of earnings order already in force?
    • Only send attachments to people who would expect them.
    • You mean, you sent me an executable attachment?
    • Visit for full details sch supplies manufacturing estate and garden lawn care tractor attachments.
    • Attachment of earnings in place in respect of the double glazing loan.
    • A final word on email – never i repeat never ever open any unsolicited emailattachment.
    • Visit for full details sch supplies manufacturing estate and garden lawn care tractor attachments.
    • Choose the action that should be performed in case an infectedattachment is found.
    • Please submit images as jpeg attachments and try to keep each image to no more than 250kb of memory.
    • Clinical attachments are periods of time spent observing the work done in a hospital.
    • A keyring type attachment clips onto your clicker, and the colorful wrist coil makes sure it stays where you want it.


    An invisible knife that uses high-intensity sound waves to penetrate the body and destroy tumours is set to revolutionise cancer treatment.

    Mummify’s vet tells why the champion galloper had to be destroyed after his gallant Caulfield Cup run.

    Australian governments are not working to save the country’s natural heritage but to destroy it, writes Bob Brown.

    Both these options will not much destroy your credit rating and your ego.

    PowerPoint can destroy a great speech, or prevent a great speech every being created.

    They can destroy your child’s life just as they can destroy yours.

    Out of proportion to DESTROY your will to survive.

    The truth is that more than half of all of the companies moving through this process actually destroyshareholder value.

    • Destroy the bacteria but often enhance them.
    • Destroyed by fire.
    • Destroy whatever was put in front of it.
    • Destroy invading germs.
    • Destroyed in the blitz of november 1940.
    • Destroying planets in its path, digesting the debris for fuel.
    • Destroyed by bombing.
    • Destroy an enemy your score will go up.
    • Destroyed by the earthquake.
    • Destroyed habitats.
    • Destroyed by the tsunami, providing adequate shelter has been a key priority.
    • Destroy everything in their paths.
    • Destroyed by a single bomb in may 1942.
    • In 1014 the bridge was destroyed by arson, destroyed by arson,destroyed by a storm in 1091 and then destroyed by fire again in 1136.




      • Describe situations which last no more than three months.
      • Describe what a jeweler would call a mount.
      • Describes in detail the full range of activities candidates will be assessed on.
      • Described by the commentator as « working dogs with character » , but today the only criterion of judgment is beauty.
      • Described as ‘the best performer of the night ‘ by the judges, matt definitely stands a great chance in the final.
      • Described below offer a variety of tools to help you optimize your site for search engines.
      • Described earlier in this chapter, is a good example of this.
      • Describe different methods of making a pcb understand what surface mount is.
      • Describe where oskar’s voice came from?
      • Described separately in altis.
      • Described in the next section.
      • Describe such processes one requires a theory of quantum gravity.
      • Fixed assets used by the charity should be briefly described, eg desktop computer, or make of motor vehicle.
      • Described in terms of coupled partial equations in two dimensions.
      • Describe the main techniques for automated reasoning in classical logic.
      • Described in this booklet.
      • Describe the types of care offered when an admission does not take place.
      • Described in the paper appears to be to encourage compliance with prescribed inhalers and other medications.
      • Describe the research procedures, as well the application of the values inventory as a market research tool.


        • Attained enlightenment: .. .
        • Attained by human means.
        • The 24-year-old shows a maturity that many older directors rarely attain.
        • Attain unto the glory of god some day.
        • Attained when purchasing the equipment outright.
        • Attained in the various subjects studied in your degree.
        • Attain perfection brings happiness in both worlds.
        • Attained by students from the respective glasgow and edinburgh cohorts.
        • He also successfully attained a bsc ( hons ) degree.
        • Attain what god gave me.
        • Attained the rank of captain in the army school of physical training.
        • I had as yet attained no measure of literary achievement, to justify my own high evaluation of my potential.
        • Attained great popularity in the following century.
        • August belmont eventually attained the coveted eminence of grand sachem of the tammany society.
        • Attain high ranking on a wide range of keywords.
        • A consultant for the technology partnership, justin has finally attained that sacred title, physicist.
        • Attaining proficiency within the syllabus.
        • As with a lot of punk or new wave artists the members later albums neverattained the quality of their first album.



        • The target for raised attainment in numeracy for birmingham at the end of key stage 2 in 2002 is 75 % .
        • A typical key outcome would be to improve levels of educationalattainment.
        • Attainment targets.
        • Use of pupil attainment data, the committee says, must take full account of the intake profile of each school.
        • A study of purposes in relation to pupil’s attainment.
        • Attainment of enlightenment.
        • To develop east ayrshire’s literacy program within the school to improveattainment in language.
        • The value added measures in the current tables take account of priorattainment, which is the biggest single factor affecting pupil results.
        • Attainment gap between the highest and lowest social class has widened.
        • The school has shown a high level of literacy attainment for its intake.
        • Attainment of the objective could be done in a very short time.
        • Set short-term academic and social targets to help accelerate attainmentand identify areas where additional support is needed.
        • Understanding underachievement: an investigation into the differentialattainment of secondary school pupils.
        • Reading and maths attainment at the end of p1 is higher than ever and has progressed steadily since 1999-2000.
        • Attainment of pupils from disadvantaged areas has improved at the early stages of primary school.
        • The influence of child, parent and home environment factors on cognitiveattainments at school entry.
        • Raise the literacy and numeracy attainment levels at key intervention points with young people at school.
        • Attainment of treatment goals may require a considerable length of time.
        • Confirmation of academic attainments no student can start a course without having already acquired the minimum academic standards of entry for the course.
        • Monitoring reading and mathematical attainment in year 6 over the first ten years of the education reform act.


          • Statement of intent.
          • Statement on
          • Voice of the for forward-looking statements retain the standard.
          • Prepare a statement of events supported by relevant members of the crew.
          • Privacy statement the champion group respects your right to privacy.
          • Statement of basic principles, rather than a schedule of detailed policies.
          • The written statement of appeal must specify the grounds on which the appeal is being made.
          • Statements made in action with real.
          • The mission statement: to design a website which reflects the interests of our year group.
          • The company is also required to file a copy of its financial statements once a year.
          • He acknowledged that the petition contained a statement that part 8 of the civil procedure rules applied to the claim.
          • May we have a statement from a home office minister about the guidance given to police forces on witness statements?
          • These standards are likely to be adopted by the qaa as the subject benchmark statements for engineering.
          • The fsa plans to publish a feedback statement on the paper in july.
          • D confirmation of conformity with the relevant subject benchmarkstatement program aims and outcomes are modeled on the subject benchmark statements.
          • The attached joint statement is issued by the shadow executive of the shadow nhs staff council on 11 june 2004.
          • With which of the following statements do you agree or disagree?
          • I have now received a bank statement showing our final balance.
          • Charges of murder, dereliction of duty and making a false statement are likely, people familiar with the case said friday.
          • The copyright statement on my pre-recorded videotape refers to ‘ domestic use only ‘ .

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