contoh kalimat dengan kata “requirement”

requirement sentence examples

  • Requirements of entry: students should achieve a minimum of a ‘ d ‘ grade in all four level 2 business & management courses.
  • To get a credit card merchant account your company has to meet certain minimum requirements with the credit card company.
  • The service is designed to comply with legal requirements covering the disposal of such waste.
  • Requirements specifications can and do cause accidents.
  • What are the gcse entry requirements for the course?
  • Between them, the two engine sizes satisfy all possible requirements.
  • To get a credit card merchant account your company has to meet certain minimum requirements with the credit card company.
  • For alternative qualifications, see further information about entrancerequirements.
  • In particular, bbsrc would welcome proposals for projects that fulfill therequirements of the council’s industrial partnership award ( ipa ) scheme.
  • The csci can make statutory requirements, which the home must meet in order to retain its registration for care.
  • Eligibility requirements only monographs dealing mainly with canada written in a language other than french or english are eligible.
  • Different applications impose very different requirements on the virtual city.
  • There are no specific requirements for drilling rate etc for the seed we will be sent.
  • Both portals have galleries above the tunnel made from the modern safetyrequirements for escape routes.
  • The seminar will explain how architecture assessment can be used to find out how well an architecture fulfills the requirements.
  • Often an overseas company’s accounts prepared for its home jurisdiction are sufficiently similar to satisfy the uk regulatory requirements.
  • Top of page disclosure requirements capital commitments are to be disclosed in the notes to the accounts.
  • A wire run can be fitted onto the end and the layout altered to suit customer`s requirements.
  • Evening meals, packed lunches, special dietary requirements all catered for by arrangement.
  • It is a good option for a company because of its simple reportingrequirements.





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