contoh kalimat dengan kata “purpose”

purpose sentence examples

  • Purpose of these regulations is to improve staff health and safety.
  • I am sure these gates served that purpose well.
  • It should not interfere with the use of the premises for the stated charitablepurpose.
  • A corporation is a separate entity for tax purposes.
  • Purpose of this article is to clarify the scope, rather than discuss the detailed provisions of section 798.
  • Purpose built quad bike tracks.
  • The sole purpose of the company is to deliver a level of service which is beyond reproach.
  • We will not use your sensitive personal data for marketing purposes.
  • Purposes originally intended by parliament.
  • You may not reproduce any material on a web site, whether for personal, educational, commercial or non-commercial purposes, without permission.
  • You may freely redistribute this chapter in its entirety for noncommercialpurposes.
  • The article explained the purpose of the exercise as being that some moslems reject the modern, secular society… offensive danish cartoons?
  • The trend in the european union is not to allow exceptions for copying for a commercial purpose.
  • It is a multi purpose facility that includes a sports hall, fitness suite, public library and an it suite.
  • Dt1 06-08-2004, 01:42 doesn’t having those extra fans defeat the purposeof having a quiet psu?
  • Where re-use for educational purposes has been ruled out, every effort should be made to find a new use.
  • The value of any assets under a gwr would remain part of your estate for ihtpurposes.
  • Purposes prohibited without prior written permission from the copyright holder.
  • Acas will give you the option to opt-in to receive acas e-mails or mailings for marketing or informational purposes.
  • Stuart continues: ‘we also agreed that dna profiling for identificationpurposes should be included on registration documents.





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