contoh kalimat dengan kata “believe”

believe sentence examples

  • Believe that everyone you know has been affected by the second world war?
  • Believe that the british government is capable of such infamy may be tempted to vent their anger on the messenger.
  • He is also a proud man who firmly believes he can engineer happiness for his family by sheltering them from his own emotions.
  • Believe that has now been achieved.
  • Whether or not you believe in an after life, why might people want tobelieve in resurrection?
  • Believed to have been a keen player.
  • Believee had enough of people believing everything i say is a lie.
  • Believe the hype about this unremarkable film about a remarkable story.
  • Believe that no person has the right to end life.
  • It is possible to forget even things you strongly believe in.
  • Believe what i’ll do to make my upcoming book a best seller.
  • However, i can’t believe in an intelligent designer or creator, so i’ll have tobelieve in evolution.
  • Believe anything sung ” musically ” , will almost always encourage a ” head tone ” , quite naturally.
  • Duty faith tries to lay on men an obligation to believe when they cannot, and a warrant to believe when they cannot, and a warrant to believe what they know not.
  • Believe in freedom of speech and contract, and oppose the race laws because they abridge this freedom?
  • Believe, anyone who wished to attend could do so.
  • Believes in the importance of working with our customers so that they can obtain the performance that is expected from the b.u.t. turkey.
  • Believe that truth is stranger than fiction?
  • Believe in an objective devil – a real supernatural being with mind and purpose!
  • Believe in good faith that the law requires it.



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