contoh kalimat “Much, a lot of & lots of”


  • Much at the forefront of people’s minds?
  • Much money as they hope, but they have a small reserve built into their plans.
  • Secondly, don’t try to use too much weight or always try to increase your training weights.
  • Much to ask… leave something on the tott message board if you want to help.
  • This applies as much to web material as to printed material.
  • Much in favor of this type of work from home, as it greatly reduces the running-costs of the business.
  • Much of a hurry.
  • Much fun it is to play in the woods having an all-out battle with these.
  • Does water really add so much to the expense.
  • Much to blame.
  • Much in demand for the london society party circuit and play for many corporate functions throughout the country.
  • Much attention.
  • Much to say rather than too little!
  • Much in the vein of the morals that ” decent people ” might support.
  • Much trouble as they always were and a lot less trouble where schools get the behavior strategy right?
  • Much to drink?
  • Much in awe of the whole milieu and made no attempt to talk to anyone.
  • Much effort building the ring of brogar?
  • Much to expect.
  • Much time do i need to commit?


    lot sentence

    • Lot of fun – genuinely, ” he says.
    • Lot about intranet usability and spends much of his time conducting accessibility evaluations of websites.
    • Linux users tend to spend lots of time under linux, they are a bit out of touch with the windows world.
    • I get an awful lot of requests to add links to the main site.
    • In case you cant find a spot, kew gardens has a pay and display parking lotoff of kew green.
    • We can also learn a lot from these sites.
    • Lot of money to ensure elegance.
    • I get an awful lot of requests to add links to the main site.
    • Got the feeling they had a whole lot more in reserve.
    • Aero estates airpark a fly-in community at lake palestine, texas with 1/2 acre lots, 11 acres of.. .
    • Or he could do a lot of damage beating someone over the head with a nearby small child.
    • Lots of stuff, most of which we don’t need.
    • So that is an earlier phase of my development; i learned a tremendous lotfrom ernst kris at the time.
    • You will have a lot of support on the day to help carry you round.
    • Lot of not very nice people around.
    • Iâve been going to the crawley juggling festival for well over ten years now and they really are a lovely lot.
    • I will make an effort to put a lot of new material on the collaborative website to support it.
    • Lots of things i would like to have the time for.
    • The squealing will soon change eve and the next lot of noises are not so high pitch.
    • Lots of time under linux, they are a bit out of touch with the windows world.


Nuclear power plants produce a lot of dangerous waste.

You need to get lots of sleep.

His boldness in business has won him lots of money, but cost him lots of friends.

Taking lots of vitamin C can help prevent colds.

My children like to drink weak tea with lots of milk and sugar in it.

There are lots of job opportunities in this city.

A lot of people in Quebec wear heavy fur coats.

The new exhibit is getting lots of compliments from visitors.

She and her husband have a lot of serious problems

Lots of students are looking for good, used cars.

Morocco has to import a lot of its food because of its climate.

My son does a lot of sports.

Living on the coast, we can buy lots of fresh fish.

The room gets lots of sunlight.

Carla has lots of friends.

It’ll take a lot of time.

Tommy has a lot of job experience.

They earn a lot of money.

We drank a lot of cold water.

My sister spends lots of money.

They have lots of interesting ideas.

We have seen a lot of changes in this company.

The children made a lot of noise.

A lot of people wanted to join the club.

A lot of bad things happened yesterday.


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