Question Response

1. Bill: Your room looks  dirty. How about if I help you clean it up?                                    

     Helen   : That’s very kind of you.

2.  Jessican : Would you prefer to get a job or continue studying?
        Bill            : I prefer working if possible.

3.  Anna  : Can you tell me where South street is, please?
       David : Yes,it is about five minutes walk in that direction.

4.  Robert     : Would you like to come over for dinner tonight?
       Marry      : I’d love to, thanks.

5.  Daniel      : Why don’t you take a public speaking  class?
       Lucy         : That’s a good idea.

6.   Man         : I think English is interesting, isn’t it?
       Woman : Yes, i really like it.

7.  Justin       : What time does this electronic store open?
      Sherly       : As far as I know it opens at 5 p.m.

 8.  Roberto       : I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience.
       Agnes             : It’s  okay. Sometimes this thing happened.

 9.    Man       : Hello mother. How’s everything?
        Woman  : Not so bad.

10. Patrick:I don’t think you have met him before.Lisa,this is Mr.Edi                          Lisa: I am happy to meet you.

11.      Man       : Good by. See you soon!
            Woman  : See you later.

12.      Man       : It’s okay. I’ll call the taxi.

Question 1

You will hear:

Who picks up the mail from our desks?

(A) Emily typically does it.

(B) Put the letters away.

(C) Yes, I will.

This copy machine is very easy to use, isn’t it?

(A) No, I’ll just sit right here.

(B) Yes, I need a pencil.

(C) Yes, it’s uncomplicated.

Where is the nearest restaurant?

(A) I’m going to lunch with Bill.

(B) It’s just down the street.

(C) My car is outside.

Is Jack staying late at work?

(A) Yes, he is delayed.

(B) Yes, he is going home.

(C) Yes, I will stay if necessary

Have the new desks arrived?

(A) No, I already have a coat.

(B) No, they’re coming tomorrow.

(C) Yes, the conference is Wednesday.

Who put this paper on my desk?

(A) I am not sure.

(B) Yes, she is coming with us.

(C) Elizabeth is the new intern.

Will you please file these for me?

(A) It’s next to the fax machine.

(B) Yes, I will.

(C) No, James left already.

Is the office closed tomorrow?

(A) Yes, no one will be here.

(B) Yes, I am ready to leave.

(C) No, the meeting is for managers only.

The conference room is this way, isn’t it?

(A) It’s actually in the next room.

(B) Yes, she wants to meet you.

(C) No, the computer isn’t working.

1. Will he came tomorrow ?                  8. Have you had your haircut ?
2. Is that the president over there?  9. Did you understand what he said?
3. What was your sister ?                     10. Shall we go now ?
4. Are you ready ?                                   11. Do you come from Japan ?
5. Can you speak French ?                    12. Do you like playing Chess ?
6. Are you fine ?                                       13. Have you been to Bali ?

7. Are you married ?                              14. Is he your brother ?

    • Did you go to the party?
    • How many people came?
    • How was the party?did you go to the party?
    • How many people come?
    • How is the party?


      1. Have you finished doing your homework?
      2. Will you go to watch a movie with me tonight?
      3. Is she pretty?
      4. Does he always go to school on foot?
      5. Did you visit your parents during holiday?


        Isn’t the earth that travels around the sun? (Bukankah bumi yang mengitari matahari?). Di sini si penanya ingin memastikan bahwa bumilah yang mengitari bumi dan bukan sebaliknya.

        Aren’t you making spaghetti? (Bukankah kamu sedang masak spaghetti?)

        Didn’t you fail this course last semester? (Bukankah kamu tidak lulus mata kuliah ini semester lalu?)

        Wasn’t he playing chess with you when I went to his house last night?

        Hasn’t she seen the Ayat-Ayat Cinta? (Bukankah dia sudah nonton film Ayat-Ayat Cinta.

        Aren’t they going to see a movie tonight?


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