Simple Future Tense

  • You will swim together tomorrow
  • -They will visit Tokyo next year
  • -No one will stop us now from loving each other
  • -I dont think They will come on time
  • I will come after he comes.
  • The match will begin as soon as the player comes.
  • I will try hard to solve the problem.
  • It will rain. Tomorrow, I will meet him. 
  • Will You study?
  • Will You swim?
  • Will They visit Tokyo?
      • I will study
      • You will swim
      • They will visit Tokyo
    • I’m going to leave for Surabaya.
    • She’s going to have a new baby.
    • John is going to get married next week.
    • We are going to have a party this weekend.
    • Teachers are going to have a meeting tomorrow.

One thought on “Simple Future Tense

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