Present Perfect Tense

-I have written english lesson for 30 minutes
-You have read my lesson since 2 PM

-I have cleaned the floor
-He has drunk milk
-You have just broken the glass

She has gone (Dia baru saja pergi)
She has not gone
Has She gone?

Peter  and Bill have worked here for five years.
I have called you several times this week.

I have gained five pounds since I started my diet.

Have you read the book yet ?

John has traveled around the world

She has read the entire book

I have eaten

Someone has stolen my book.

They have gone

I have seen the Titanic three times

She has fallen in love ten times

They have failed the exam twice

My car has broken down five times

We have studied English since a month ago

I have seen that movie three times.

They have had three tests in the last week.

I have been to Bandung in the last year

Helen has not finished his homework yet

The army has attacked that city five times.


One thought on “Present Perfect Tense

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