Present Continuous Tense

–          She is reading now but she will write soon

–          They are studying English now

–          We are writing again in a few weeks

–          We are going camping tomorrow

–          I am starting piano lessons soon

–         They are having a barbeque this evening

  1. –          Marry is making a dress

–          We are singing too loudly

–          They are fishing in the stream

–          We are working hard these days

  1. I am reading your book now
  2. It’s raining now
  3. Jack is sleeping on the sofa now
  4. Dewi is working in her office
  5. We are watching a movie on TV
  6. They’re playing ball in the yard now
  7. We are reading a newspaper now
  8. Bill and Anna are discussing right now
  9. Is Mrs.Jones cooking in the kitchen ?
  10. Patricia, Helen and Marry are doing their homework at the moment
  11. Mr. Jones is not going to library
  12. Mr. Justin is writting a letter
  13. Robert is watching a football match on TV
  14. My friend is leaving for Campus by bus 
  15. Are They listening to radio tonight ?

3 thoughts on “Present Continuous Tense

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